Juan Diego & Co

Tired of wasting time and money translating and adding subtitles in Spanish with no effect?

Attract and connect with Latinos 

Fresh and professionally produced content can make all the difference

Latinos comprise close to 50% of Catholics in the US and of those younger than 18 years old +63% are Hispanic. Reality is catching up! 


A branded podcast is a proven way to reach Latino audiences. Scripted, non-scripted, fiction or non-fiction: JD&Co´s process will guide the way so your organization can connect and attract with Hispanics like never before.

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We learn about your brand and guide you through our process to define the desired audience.

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Together we define clear objectives for the podcast.

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Theme, topics or unifying and common thread are co-defined.

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Format (not every podcast has to be just an interview!), style, length, periodicity and segments are defined.

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Artwork, name and jingle are created based on the strategy to reach the desired audience.

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We can either take care of the recordings and of the hosts, guests or voice-actors involved; or we coach and support the internal team who will be in charge.

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Depending on the podcast this can mean mixing, mastering and the EQ or the complete sound design with immersive SFx.

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Better & Better

After launching, we analyze each episode's behavior to determine what is working and what needs to be adjusted to reach the desired goals.


Are you ready?


Your diocese, non-profit, publishing company or school can be involved with the largest portion of Catholics and not leave it just to the Latino on your organization that de facto does everything Hispanic-related or to the Hispanic Ministry and their meager budget. Partner with Juan Diego & Co!

Need a bit more convincing? Here are some stats...

Did you know that in the US?

More tortillas are sold than bread

More Latino music is listened to than country music

Salsa is consumed more than ketchup

#1 2020 artist on Spotify is Latino


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  • +62 million Latinos (19% of the US)
  • Primary contributors to population growth
  • Median age is 28 (vs 38 of the whole US and 42 of American whites)
  • At least $1.9 trillion in 2020 (if US Latinos were a country: 8th GDP in the world)
  • US Latino purchasing power grows 70% faster than non Latinos
  • 75% of labor force growth in the last 6 years
  • US Latinos accounted for 80% of all net new businesses created in the last decade
Show me stats on Latino Catholics in the US!

Let´s talk podcasting!

  • 44% increase in monthly listeners (2020-2021)
  • 54% of Latino monthly listeners began during the pandemic and 96% of them will continue listening afterwards
  • 21% of US Latino population are reached by podcast every day (11% in Q1 2020)
  • 75% are likely to purchase from a brand advertised on a podcast hosted by Latinos
  • When listening at home, 49% of Latinos are with family and friends (vs 22% of general population)
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Want to advertise on one, five or more than 60 podcasts whose audience is the same your ministry targets? Let´s get into it! 

A good recording and a professional editing is only the beginning. Few of the podcasts that currently focus on Latino Catholics were strategically ideated and created with a target audience in mind and fewer have clear objectives that will determine the way the podcast is presented. 

Creators of the award-winning Juan Diego Network