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Cursos de Verano:

Campamento de Verano: Smart Office 365 Campus

22 agosto de 2022 - 7 Septiembre de 2022

(Online Directo)

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A new experience this summer

Un espacio abierto donde los jóvenes se adentrarán en Office 365 de una forma divertida a la vez que practican su nivel de inglés.

El Programa totalmente bilingüe (en inglés) está diseñado para jóvenes entre 12 y 18 años, con ejercicios específicos adaptados a su edad y nivel de conocimiento.

Equip teenagers for success today and tomorrow with the power
of Microsoft Office 365 including Word, Excel and PowerPoint

El objetivo es que los jóvenes sean capaces de realizar trabajos escolares de calidad, además de introducirles en una herramienta (Office 365)

que formará parte de su vida personal y profesional.

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Mes de Agosto-Septiembre


(ver cada programa debajo)


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Sesiones modalidad online directo.


Las sesiones serán grabadas y podrán visualizarse offline.

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Horario de mañanas


9:00 - 11:00 h.



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Colegiados 149 €


No Colegiados 185 €

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Campus Virtual del COIIAS.

Cada programa (word, excel o power point):

3 sesiones de 2 horas (6h.)


Diploma de asistencia y aprovechamiento oficial por el COIIAS.

Curso: Smart Word (6 h.)

  • 22, 29 August & 5 September  | 9:00 - 11:00 h.
  • It is taught online live in 2-hour sessions. Total amount of hours: 6.



The objective of this workshop is to provide the child with the necessary tools to be able to write, format and present a document that includes multiple elements such as paragraphs, columns, tables or graphics, all with professional quality.

Course Content

  • Fonts management.
    • Font format selection.
    • Keyboard shortcuts.
    • Text and typography effects.
    • Elimination of formats.
  • Paragraphs & Styles.
    • Indentation and spacing.
    • Lines and page breaks.
    • Ordination.
    • Numbering and bullets.
    • Multilevel list.
    • Style gallery
  • Seach and selection elements.
    • Search for and replace.
    • Selection panel.
    • Quick item selection.
  • Element insertion
    • Professional covers.
    • Management and treatment of images.
    • Screenshots.
  • Sheet customization.
    • Header and footer.
    • Page numbering.
    • Numbering options.
    • Text boxes and WordArt.
    • Inserting equations.
  • Page configuration.
    • Document margins.
    • Size and orientation.
    • Work with columns.

Curso: Smart Excel (6 h.)

  • 24, 31 August & 7 September  | 9:00 - 11:00 h.
  • It is taught online live in 2-hour sessions. Total amount of hours: 6.



The objective of this workshop is to teach children to manage a spreadsheet with simple exercises adapted to their age and level of knowledge, learning to organize information in rows and columns, order, filter and search for the data they require, and perform basic calculations.

Course Content

  • The working environment
    • Starting a Workbook.
    • Main elements.
    • Home Screen. Available menus.
    • Files and templates.
    • Help online.
    • Customization of the work environment.
    • Work with several Workbooks. Backups.
  • Basic concepts
    • Cell identification.
    • Movement within a sheet.
    • Fast movement in a Workbook.
    • Entering and modifying data.
    • Type of data. Objects.
    • Errors in data selection.
    • Introduction to formulas.
  • Working with cells
    • Individual and multiple selection.
    •  Modify a selection.
    • Identification of groups of cells.
    • Keyboard shortcuts.
    • Autofill function.
    • Special paste function.
    • Displacement and relocation of cells.
    • Delete cells and their content.
  • Data handling
    • Remove duplicates.
    • Validate and order data.
    • Search for and replace.
  • Manipulation of the structure
    • Row and column dimensions.
    • Automatic adjustment.
    • Name changes.
    • Show and hide sheets.
    • Show and hide rows and columns.
  • Data printing
    • Page Layout view.
    • Page setup.
    • Header and footer.
    • Printing options.

Curso: Smart PowerPoint (6 h.)

  • 19, 26 August & 2 September  | 9:00 - 11:00 h.
  • It is taught online live in 2-hour sessions. Total amount of hours: 6.



The objective of this workshop is to teach the child to prepare a quality presentation for the educational environment, incorporating graphic elements, animations and learning to practice a presentation in class with the help of the tools provided by the program.

Course Content

  • Structure of presentation.
  • Formats and templates. 
  • Fonts and installation.
  • Insert objects
    • Images
    • Shapes and icons.
    • SmartArt.
    • Graphs and tables.
    • Custom design.
  • Control of transitions.
    • Dynamic effects.
    • Sounds and effect duration.
    • Transition customization.
  • Animations.
    • Selection and features.
    • Animation panel.
    • Start and time settings.
  • Presentation with slides.
    • Presonalized presentation.

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